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UNLEASHED Special Extended Feature


Unleashed Feature Spread for June 2017! Jon ( is both and athlete and Officer of the Law whom we've praised and honored several times at Unleashed. Jonathan was the first to receive The Unleashed "Iron Lion" award  due to his bravery of service, motivational content in which he shares among his fit family and friends, and simply being a true supporter of Unleashed. Jon is a Certified Fitness trainer and NPC Athlete. He ranked in at an impressive no#2 spot in his very first NPC competition! 


Jon serves his community proudly devoting several selfless hours of service. He is a proud parent and what we simply love about Jon is that he is not afraid to separate himself from the overflow of superficial athletes crowding today's fitness industry. Jon sees the World in Black and White, but also interjects the necessary grays in between- with thought provoking truth, wisdom and authenticity. We will and have no problem awarding Jon continuously, for he keeps our staff grounded, creative and focused on staying true to those who have supported our message. Please check out and support :

Editor: Brina Means

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